Our Values

Traceability: the batch number shown on each product means that we can trace it back to the producer. We make sure we indicate a specific geographical source (country and region). All of our ingredients are produced on European soil.

Apitherapy: since time immemorial, bee-related products have been used by humans as natural remedies. From honey to venom, including pollen and propolis, not forgetting wax and royal jelly, bees offer us a whole host of treasures.

Freshness: our products are alive and natural, they are not heated or sterilised, and can therefore evolve, without their qualities being affected. The best before end date is shown on the label.

Monofloral honeys: like the best wines, we are proud to present our monofloral honeys (or ‘miels de cru’), collected by our beekeepers before we take over and pack them in jars.

Locally produced: each of our ingredients comes from a region with renowned gastronomic and artisan traditions.

Flavour: bee-related products are natural, healthy products of exceptional quality. Nectar & Co wants to discover their real flavours, a million miles away from industrial processes.

Know-How : each of our products is the result of a long artisan tradition and is based on a real knowledge, heritage of the former adapted to new techniques and knowledge.
Savoir-faire : we are constantly striving to improve our techniques and the quality of our products. Our expertise when it comes to mead and crystallising honey is renowned.