Our products

A hive of emotion goes into our products!

BEE HONEY... A range of 12 European monofloral honeys that have not been heated, are not excessively filtered and not mixed with honeys from anywhere else.

BEE COOK... Discover the flavours of honey in your everyday dishes. Ignored for too long in our cooking, honey vinegar brings a ray of sunshine to your plate.

BEE SWEET... Get back to basics, with traditional methods and the flavours of our childhood. Discover the irresistible hazelnut and honey spread, a real treat that is well worth tasting. Anyone with a sweet tooth will love our Cœurs de Miel (Honey hearts), sweets filled with citrus-flavoured honey.

BEE CARE... The hive’s contribution to our health and wellbeing. Enjoy the benefits of our amazing royal jelly that hasn’t been frozen.

BEE WINE... When honey is turned back into Nectar. Prepared using traditional methods, our meads will go down very well with wine and bear connoisseurs. The aromatic complexity and delicious harmony of flavours that they offer are the result of unique patience and savoir-faire.

ARISTEE... Apitherapy is now available for everyone! In collaboration with the French company Pollenergie, we offer a range of 6 fresh monofloral pollens, 3 products made with propolis from poplar trees or baccharis shrubs and a healing honey. A natural pharmacy, beehives provide the ingredients for a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

All of our honeys, bee-related products and raw ingredients are exclusively produced by European organic farming methods (apart from the green propolis and cane sugar used in our Coeurs de Miel).